Screen shot from Greene ad

Jeff Greene, the billionaire Democrat running for governor, is out with his first TV ad since jumping into the race earlier this month. And here’s something you’ve probably never seen in a political commercial, the candidate arguing with the President of the United States.

The commercial features a clip of Greene and President Trump in a verbal spat while both attended an event at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach County. Greene is a member of the posh resport. Trump owns it.

Greene centers this commercial around one common theme – that he’ll stand up to the President. According the Greene’s campaign, the video footage featuring Trump was taped in December 2016, right after the President was elected. Apparently Trump noticed Greene and knew he had supported Hillary Clinton. That’s when, according to Greene’s campaign, Trump began yelling at the Democratic candidate. Greene’s wife taped the exchange on her phone.

Last week Greene dropped a bombshell when he pledged to spend up to $200 million of his own money to win the Governor’s seat. As a late comer to the race, he’ll need to spend money to build his name ID, even though he ran for the U.S. Senate in 2010.

Greene has put nearly $3 million behind this new ad.