Ad claims Gillum’s tax plan would put a sudden stop to Florida’s economy

A new commercial by the Republican Governor’s Association claims Democrat Andrew Gillum’s billion dollar tax increase plan could bring Florida’s economic growth to a “sudden stop.”

The ad equates Gillum’s proposed corporate tax increase to a car wreck. The commercial touts a 37% increase in Florida’s economy since 2010, the year before Rick Scott was elected. A narrator says, “Gillum proposes a higher tax rate than New York.” It includes a video clip of Gillum saying “All we said is can we get one billion.”

“Andrew Gillum’s radical billion-dollar tax hike would bring Florida’s booming economy to a sudden stop,” said RGA spokesman Jon Thompson. “Gillum has already hiked property taxes in Tallahassee, and now he wants to make Florida’s tax rate higher than New York’s. Florida’s working families can’t afford the economic consequences of Gillum’s billion-dollar tax hike.”

Gillum wants to use the corporate tax increase to boost teacher salaries. He claims the proposed $1 billion increase would only impact Florida’s largest companies and offset tax cuts approved by the federal government in 2017.