A unique tree, whose bite causes blood to flow like humans!

New Delhi date 11 January 2021, Monday

We often hear that trees, plants etc. also have organisms in them. Even though they breathe like humans, we forget this when cutting them. Imagine if you cut down a tree and it started bleeding like a man? If this happens, we will all be scared. That is why today we have to talk about the same tree, whose bite gives red blood just like a human. Most people do not know about this tree but people who know it consider this tree magical.

This unique tree found in South Africa is known as Bloodwood Tree. Apart from this, the tree is also known by many names including Kiyat, Mukwa, Muninga. The scientific name of this tree is Serocarpus angolensis. This unique tree is found in countries such as Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

This is not only the reason for cutting down this tree which causes bleeding, but even if its branch is broken, a red liquid starts dripping from the place. It is a dark red liquid that resembles blood at first glance. The length of this tree is 12 to 18 meters. The branches and leaves of the tree are shaped like an umbrella. The leaves are dark colored and have yellow flowers.

Many cost furniture are made from the wood of this tree. The special thing about the wood of this tree is that it can bend easily. This tree is also used in many medicines.

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