A tweet of 5 words is being sold for more than 18 crores rupees, find out what is special

– The buyer will receive a digital certificate of that tweet

New Delhi date Sunday, March 7, 2021

Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey’s 5-word tweet is up for auction. Up to Rs 18.2 crore has been bid to buy this tweet. In fact this was the first post on Twitter by Dorsey. In a tweet dated March 21, 2006, he wrote that he was creating a Twitter account.

Dorsey’s tweets are being sold by, which sells tweets. The person who buys it will be given a certificate of tweet with Dorsey’s autograph.

As of Sunday morning, Dorsey’s tweet had the highest bid of Rs 18.2 crore. Sina Istvi, CEO of Malaysian company Bridge Oracle, has bid so much for Dorsey’s tweet. Earlier, another person had bid Rs 14.6 crore for the tweet.

Purchasing Dorsey’s first tweet means that the buyer will have a digital certificate of that tweet. At present, the practice of buying and selling virtual goods has increased a lot. A few days ago, a 10-second video clip sold for Rs 48.2 crore.

Dorsey’s tweet will remain available to the general public on social media, even if it is sold out. Dorsey and Twitter will decide how long the tweet will be available online.

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