A third lockout in the UK by mid-February, which is expected to slow down

London, Ta. 5 Tuesday 2021 on Tuesday

The UK government imposed a third lockdown in mid-February after a new strain of the virus, known as the UK strain, spreads 50 to 70 percent faster.

On the other hand, with the corona epidemic uncontrollable in the world, the total number of corona cases has risen to 86,264,600, while 1,36,000 new cases are reported today, while the total death toll rose to 18,64,200 with 3,600 deaths. is.

“Our scientists say the new strain is 70 times more contagious,” British Prime Minister Boris Jones told the country on a television address. This means that you can get infected with this virus and your infection can reach others.

It has decided to impose a strict lockdown to deal with the virus. The government once again directs you to stay at home. You can go out to buy necessary things, go to work if you cannot work from home, exercise, get medical help and avoid domestic violence.

According to the latest figures, the number of corona patients in England alone has increased by 27,000. This is 40 percent higher than the first peak in April. More than 80,000 people across Britain were infected with the Corona virus in December.

The death toll has increased by 20 per cent compared to the previous week. “In the coming weeks we will enter the final phase of the struggle against Corona,” Jones said. Because with every vaccine given to us, the British people are reeling under the Corona epidemic.

On the other hand, Finance Minister Rishi Sonke announced a grant of ₹ 9,000 for areas affected by lockdowns such as retail and hospitality. The Finance Minister announced a total of 4 4 billion to help businesses.

Sonke said the assistance will be able to keep the business alive and find employment in the coming months. This assistance has been announced so that workers can be prepared to return when they reopen. Six million commercial properties will be supported by government measures.

However, economists predicted that Britain was headed for a double dip and said the UK economy would shrink in the first quarter of the new year. Due to which recovery in 2023 no longer seems possible.

The government’s lockdown measures will reduce the economy by 18 billion a month. Which is about 18 percent of GDP. The lockdown came days after Britain officially parted with the European Union.

In addition to Corona’s restrictions, companies will also have to follow new regulations in business. Meanwhile, in California, the corona epidemic has become so severe that one person is infected with a corona every six seconds in Los Angeles County. The government is working to fill oxygen tanks, causing a shortage of oxygen bottles for patients.

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