A similar attack was carried out by the British in 1814, setting fire to the US Senate.

– Is America moving towards civil war?

Washington, Ta. Thursday 7 January 2021

Violent demonstrations in Washington, DC, by supporters of President Donald Trump, who were leaving on Thursday morning, were reminiscent of a similar incident that occurred hundreds of years ago.

At that time, America was under British rule like few other countries of the world. This was at a time when America was trying to get out of British control and stand on its own two feet. In the war with Britain in 1812, Britain gave the US its strength.

There was a time during the war when British intruders rioted in Washington and tried to take over the US Parliament.

His eyes were on Capitol Hill when British intruders reached Washington. It was a magnificent building at that time. British intruders set fire to furniture in Capitol Hill. The fire later spread to the entire Capitol Hill building.

Intruders stormed the White House after setting fire to Capitol Hill. He attacked the White House. The war, which began on June 18, 1812, lasted for about three years. Both sides declared war in 1815, with no results.

This time, it was not an external factor but a supporter of Americans, and especially Donald Trump, who unsuccessfully attempted to break into Capitol Hill and violent riots. At that time, Electoral College was running on Capitol Hill. The proponents of his case are working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

The rioters tried to occupy some sections. Washington was forced to declare an emergency and imposed a curfew.

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