A person who has been vaccinated can also spread corona infection

Corona kills 1,348 people over the weekend despite vaccination in the UK

(PTI) London, Ta. Sunday is January 24, 2021

A person who has been vaccinated against Corona can also spread a Corona infection, said Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, England’s deputy medical medical officer. “People don’t need to bother with Kovid so they can get vaccinated,” he said.

After taking any corona-related vaccine, it can take up to three weeks for the body to activate vaccine-related immunity. Because of this, it is very important for people to follow precautions and lockdown even after getting vaccinated.

Professor Jonathan Van Tam also said that no clear evidence has yet been found that corona vaccine vaccines do not transmit this dangerous virus to others. This is why commentators, like other citizens, are required to strictly follow precautionary guidelines. He also said that the vaccine against Corona has arrived, which is welcome news.

However, with celebration, people should be patient and stay at home. At the same time, it is important to support the National Health Service, which is running vaccination programs. Corona vaccination has also begun in Britain, but corona infections and deaths are increasing.

Over the weekend, 1,348 people died of corona infection in the UK. Which was the highest number of daily deaths in recent times. This brings the total death from Corona in the UK to 97,329. The National Health Center is employing 140 vaccines per minute and so far more than 5.8 million people have been vaccinated.

Meanwhile, UK Health Minister Matt Hancock also said that vaccination had begun. Also it is necessary to take all precautions. The vaccine protects against corona, but it is not yet clear whether it is the cause of a person’s corona infection.

In addition, it takes time for the body to develop immunity after being vaccinated. This is why everyone needs to stay home to reduce infections and help health workers.

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