A new strain of corona virus is currently under control: World Health Organization

– That’s what we’re doing right now

New Delhi date 22 December 2020, Tuesday

A new pressure of corona virus is spreading rapidly in Britain. This has increased concern in many countries. As a result, all countries have started taking precautionary measures. The introduction of this new tension has created a more difficult situation in Britain. Amidst all this, the World Health Organization has said that a new strain of the corona virus found in Britain is currently under control. The solution we currently have is to overcome it.

The spread of this new strain of corona virus is reported to be very high. This means that the new virus is more contagious than before. “During the corona epidemic, we have also seen infection rates in many places and we have gained control,” Michael Ryan, president of the World Health Organization’s emergency department, said at a special conference. Given this, the current situation in Britain is out of control. But it cannot be left out.

Earlier, British Health Minister Matt Hancock claimed that a new strain of corona virus was out of control. British officials say the new strain of the corona virus is spreading 70 percent faster than before. Riya, a World Health Organization official, said, “The measures we are currently taking are exactly the same.”

“We need to do what we’re doing,” he said. We just need to do this for a long time to speed it up and get the virus under control.

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