A large number of front-line workers are refusing to take the Corona vaccine here

Washington, Ta. 04 December 2021, Monday

Countries around the world, including India, have begun the vaccination process against Corona, which will be the first frontline warrior to be vaccinated, but in the midst of all this, shocking figures are coming from the United States. A large number of front-line workers and health workers are prohibiting vaccination here.

According to a survey, 29% of health workers were reluctant to take the vaccine. Health workers were concerned with the side effects of the vaccine and did not accept the government’s claim that the vaccine was safe. According to media reports, black Americans feared the vaccine the most, with only 43% of black Americans surveyed saying they would be vaccinated.

Earlier this week, Ohio Gov. Mike Devine said he was “deeply troubled” by the low number of commentators among the nursing staff who were selected for the vaccine. Approximately 60% of nursing staff refused vaccine shots. Whereas, on the other hand, a study claimed that 55% of New York fire department employees said they did not want to be vaccinated.

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