20 Starlink satellites launched for the Internet, the total number of satellites is one thousand

Cape Canaveral, d. a

The Falcon-3 rocket of American company SpaceX successfully launched 30 more satellites. With this, the total number of satellites known as Starlink of Space X has increased to 6. So far 1013 satellites have been launched and about 20 of them are active. The company, known as Tesla Motors, is owned by American businessman-scientist-engineer Elon Musk.

Satellites are scheduled to play an important role in providing a worldwide Internet connection in the near future (most Internet connections now come via underwater cable). Due to in-flight internet, necessary connections to ships and the growing internet demand in Indo-China, the internet market from sky will reach 1 trillion. Elo has started preparing to handle this market.

Elon Musk wants to build a huge network of 30,000 satellites. In this context, 30 more satellites were launched. There are fears that Elon’s venture will increase space junk in the future, as well as a monopoly. However, Musk has begun work on a technology that can bring debris back to Earth. In addition to Elon Musk, companies including Amazon, Samsung, Boeing, Oneworld are working towards setting up their own personal satellites.

The weight of these satellites is barely 100 to 200 kg. Therefore it is not difficult to organize them in large numbers. The satellite has started providing internet in the USA, Canada and the UK.

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