19 crore fraud case in New York against fugitive Nirav Modi’s brother

Washington, Ta. 20 December 2020, Sunday

Nehal Modi, brother of fugitive diamond trader Nirav Modi, is now facing serious charges of fraud in New York, USA.

Nehal Modi is accused of cheating Rs 19 crore with one of the world’s largest diamond companies.

According to the allegations, the scam began in 2015, when Nehal Modi took diamonds worth Rs 19 crore from a company in the name of making a fake presentation. Nehal Modi was to make a presentation to a company called Costco Wholesale Corporation. Sells diamonds to customers at low prices. These diamonds have not been returned to the New York company.

Nehal Modi is also accused of a scam by taking a loan of Rs 13,500 crore from Punjab National Bank. The Indian government is also trying to bring it back. Interpol has also issued a Red Corner Notice against Nehal Modi.

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