10 Chinese spies caught in Afghanistan

Kabul / Beijing, Ta. 4
Ten Chinese spies were caught in Afghanistan. The Afghan government has demanded that China publicly apologize for the spies’ release. Meanwhile, the Afghan government suddenly announced that it had forgiven the spies.
These Chinese spies were fueling terrorist activity in Afghanistan. For the first time, China was directly involved in terrorist activity. China was being humiliated all over the world on this issue. Afghanistan also initially took a strict line, stating that it would release Chinese spies only when the Chinese government publicly apologized for espionage.
But since then China has been in constant dialogue with Afghanistan. China had persuaded the Afghan government to do so for fear of exposing its involvement in terrorist activities around the world. After secret talks, the Afghan government finally announced that it had forgiven 10 Chinese spies. Afghanistan did not elaborate on the conditions under which the Chinese spies were pardoned.
Dozens of spies, including a woman, then flew to Beijing on Chinese special charter flights. After the spies arrived in China, the Chinese ambassador to Afghanistan accused Afghanistan of violating international standards. However, China’s Foreign Ministry did not release a single statement about the spies caught in Afghanistan.

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