Rick Scott
Photo provided by Governor's Office

In the last set of job numbers in his 8 years in office, Governor Rick Scott announced Friday that Florida’s unemployment rate is at 3.3 percent – a 12 year low. Scott has overseen a remarkable turnaround in Florida’s economy since he took office in January 2011 — an unemployment rate that’s dropped 7.5 percent and nearly 1.7 million jobs created. 

While every state was recovering from a global economic recession that began to end in 2010, Florida had a stronger rebound during the past eight years. Florida has outpaced the rest of the country in job growth for 79 of the last 80 months. 

Governor Scott is clearly taking a victory lap in announcing these new job numbers. “Being Governor is the best job in the world, and I am excited about the economic success that Florida has been able to achieve over the past eight years,” said Scott. “Our unemployment rate being at 3.3 percent and nearly 1.7 million jobs being created since December 2010 has allowed so many Floridians the opportunity to live their dreams in the Sunshine State. I will never stop working on what’s important to Floridians – jobs, a great education and safe communities.”

In November, 23,000 private sector jobs were created in the state. Year to date, 116,000 Floridians have entered the job market. 

In 2018, the leisure and hospitality sector paced the state with education and health services close behind. 

  • Private-sector industries gaining the most jobs over-the-year were:
    • Leisure and hospitality with 53,200 new jobs;
    • Education and health services with 50,700 new jobs;
    • Professional and business services with 45,400 new jobs;
    • Construction with 32,900 new jobs;
    • Trade, transportation and utilities with 25,400 new jobs; and
    • Financial activities with 17,900 new jobs.