A Florida environmental group that backed Andrew Gillum for Governor and accused Ron DeSantis of siding with polluters is facing allegations of voter fraud. A story first reported by Naples Daily News alleges employees of Florida Conservation Voters falsified information on voter registration forms and then submitted the forms to the Volusia County Supervisor of Elections. In all 200 voter registration forms were submitted by the group’s employees. 

The faulty information was spotted by the local elections supervisor because of irregularities on the forms that included incorrect signatures, addresses and Social Security numbers. 

The Florida Department of State has confirmed to FLA News that three complaints were referred in October to the state attorney responsible for prosecuting crimes in Volusia County. 

The three cases came from a Volusia County family – Jeffrey and Brooke Whitaker and their 17 year old daughter. 

All three filed complaints to the Florida Division of Elections. In Jeffery Whitaker’s complaint, he stated an unauthorized person tried to change his party registration. According to Whitaker, the Volusia County Elections Supervisor’s office acknowledged a change form had been received but the signature didn’t match the signature on file.

In referring the complaints to the State Attorney, Division of Elections Deputy General Counsel Ashley Davis wrote the allegations “have merit.” 

According to the Naples Daily News report, Florida Conservation Voters fired the 15 employees in September. Executive Director Aliki Moncrief blamed the alleged fraud on poor training. As a result the group canceled its voter registration drives in eight counties. 

In Florida, a person convicted of voter fraud faces up to five years in prison.