In one of the more emotional campaign commercials you’ll see this election cycle, Andy Pollack describes the loss of his daughter, Meadow who was murdered during the Parkland school shooting in February. “I might as well have been buried with her because I’ll never be the same,” Pollack says in the ad. 

Pollack says in the commercial that he’s endorsing Rick Scott for U.S. Senate. Pollack and other parents who’s children were murdered worked with Gov. Scott to secure passage of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act. 

“The governor said to me numerous times, ‘Andy, just stay focused. Don’t get distracted and stick to your mission.’ And we did it. We got that bill passed in Florida.”

The legislation raises the age to purchase a gun from 18 to 21, bans bump stocks, and requires enhanced safety at all of Florida’s schools. 

The legislation faced heavy opposition from the National Rifle Association because of the changes to gun laws. 

Pollack concludes the ad by saying, “Rick Scott wasn’t worried about the politics that came with that bill and he did what he thought was right.”