Grey2K, the anti-dog racing organization behind the Amendment 13 initiative, is urging supporters to attempt to block social media postings and videos from the opponents of the amendment by reporting it as “fake news” to Facebook and YouTube.

An email sent to supporters and co-signed by Christine Dorchak, President of Grey2K and Carey Theil, Executive Director of Grey2K gave step-by-step instructions on how to get a video posted on YouTube blocked.

“Please go to this video and report it as ‘False news.’ To report the video, click on three little dots next to the video, on the right, then select ‘Give feedback on this video’ and then ‘False news.'” 

The email then went after the “No on 13” Facebook page and gave similar instructions.

“Go to the No on 13 Facebook page, and report it too. To report the page, click on three little dots below the banner, then ‘Report’ then ‘It’s a scam,’ and then ‘This page is fake.'” 

The Florida Greyhound Association, the organization representing racing dog owners and trainers blasted Grey2K’s attempt at suppressing their social media campaign. “Year after year greyhound owners have sat quietly while Grey2K has spread falsehood after falsehood about how greyhounds are treated. Now that those same greyhound owners are fighting back with the truth—Grey2K has responded by attempting to suppress the truth by labeling it ‘false news’,” said Jeff Kottkamp, legal counsel for Florida Greyhound Association. “Of course—true to form Grey2K didn’t miss the opportunity to try and raise more money at the same time.  The greyhound owners will not let this radical out-of-state special interest group silence them.”

FLA News asked the Massachusetts-based Grey2K for a response to their email but the organization declined to offer one.

Disclosure: In the past FLA News owner David Bishop was a consultant for the Florida Greyhound Association. That relationship ended in 2016.