Good news for supporters of the century-old Florida greyhound racing industry. Despite a well-financed effort to ban wagered dog racing, a new poll shows Amendment 13 would not have the required votes to be added to the state constitution. 

The survey conducted by Suffolk University/USA Today Network shows 51 percent of those surveyed support the amendment with 34 percent opposed, and 16 percent undecided. Constitutional amendments require 60 percent of the vote to win approval. 

Amendment 13 phases out greyhound racing at 11 tracks by the end of 2020. The amendment was added to the ballot by the Constitutional Revision Commission but pushed by Massachusetts-based Grey2K, which opposes dog racing. The Humane Society of the United States also supports the amendment. They have raised $2.5 million to push for passage of the dog ban.

While vastly outspent, groups opposing the amendment represent a variety of interests including the Florida Chamber of Commerce and the National Rifle Association.